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October-May 2017-2018-- Portland, OR

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Four, five-day intensives

A unique training for herbalists wanting to deepen their practice, and advanced herb students wanting to make the transition to becoming practitioners. Under the guidance of Matthew Wood and Sean Donahue, students will gain a deep grounding in the philosophy and practice of Traditional Western Herbalism, hone their clinical skills, and learn to integrate magical tools and perspectives in their practice. The training will include:
• Vitalist philosophy and practice
• Herbalism and The Three Selves
• Identifying the six tissue states as a basis for herbal practice
• Practices for inner education, grounding, centering, attunement, and protection
• Tongue and pulse evaluation
• Constitutional Evaluation
• Working with earthly and celestial cycles
• Physical, psychological, spiritual, and magical properties of Herbs
• Opportunities to observe Sean and Matthew in practice
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Clinic withTwo Sage Herbalists

November 3rd, 4th and 5th

Matthew Wood and Margi Flint assisted by Stratton Semmes

Earthsong Herbals 10 Central St Marblehead MA

Herbal Practice Unmasked Unearthed We will be sharing thoughts around realistic expectations and commitments for sincere practice. 1. Do you have what it takes to be in business for yourself and be present for clients? Do you have the ability to sit with people without judgement? It takes a lot of practice to practice. Are you willing to work 5-7 years to set up a practice and keep your day job? Where is your priority; making medicine, seeing clients, growing herbs, drying herbs, have a family and make a living. 2. Accounting, Social media, teaching, free lectures. Do you have a highly individualistic personality?

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Diagnostics with Matthew Wood and Margi Flint

November 6th

10 Central Street Marblehead MA 01945

Margi and Matt will share their approaches to reading the body, face, nails and tongue and of course pulses. We will drop herbs onto the pulse and demonstrate on participants or maybe grab a random person off the street! We welcome Intermediate and advanced students who have completed previous herbal studies. Participants must have a basic understanding of herbs and health conditions. Margi and Matthew will delve into pulse, tongue, nail and body conditions. These with be “snap evaluations,” illustrating diagnostic indicators and methods. Everyone will shift from observing to pulse taking to herb testing. Plenty of hands-on at the knees of Matt and Margi.

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